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The Clearify™ process is a breakthrough method of removing blood remnants from the placental membrane through minimal manipulation while preserving the key components naturally found in the tissue. The tissue layers are never separated during processing, and the intermediate layer, the spongy layer between the amnion and chorion, is preserved. The tissue is then preserved through a lyophilization (freeze-dry) process. The result is a graft in a dehydrated state that may be stored at ambient temperature for up to 5 years. In preserving all three layers of the barrier, the Clearify™ process also increases dry weight and protein content, providing a full thickness graft with excellent handling characteristics.


Recent shifts in market dynamics have attracted many new entrants to the amniotic tissue market. This market growth has divided amniotic membrane companies into two different market segments: dual-layer premium products (amnion & chorion), and single-layer commodities (amnion or chorion only). The dual-layer structure and high protein content of the premium products has propelled them to the top of the market.

As one of its first products, StimLabs has created the first placental membrane allograft that retains all three layers of the natural barrier membrane. To accomplish this goal, StimLabs developed the Clearify™ process that allows the tissues to be cleaned, dehydrated, and terminally sterilized 1 while maintaining all three layers of the natural barrier membrane. The final product has high protein content, excellent handling characteristics, and a 5 year shelf life1 at ambient temperatures.



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Selectify is the proprietary method for processing Ascent. It begins with the selection of a variety of cell types called amniocytes. Once these desired cell types have been isolated, the remaining fluid is centrifuged to remove any undesirable components and purified using highly specialized filtration to retain a large group of key cellular components while also removing salts and other unnecessary molecules. The purified group of components includes proteins, growth factors, cytokines, and hyaluronic acid molecules that are beneficial for the reduction of inflammation and supplementation of nutrient deficient fluid environments. Preserved using lyophilization, the powder is then packaged and terminally sterilized. The final product may be stored at ambient temperatures for up to three (3) years.



Donor Screening and Eligibility

StimLabs is committed to providing patients safe and high quality products, and our donor screening process is a direct reflection of that commitment.  Please visit Our Promise page for more information on donor screening.


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