Redefining Regenerative Medicine

The healing cascade is a complex and dynamic series of phases that has been studied in depth and characterized into three general phases: inflammation, proliferation, and maturation. During these stages, signaling proteins and local cells work to repair the injured tissue back to its original form. The problem? The healing process, like many functions of the body, is not perfect. Scars, for example, are a visual representation of how a wound is unable to fully return to its original form and function. Even when a scar appears to have dissipated, the ‘new’ tissue formed is dissimilar and more vulnerable than the original tissue.

What’s the point?

In an ideal world, tissue would be restored perfectly back to its inherent function and structure. This notion of optimized healing is the foundation for StimLabs' conception. StimLabs believes in optimizing the healing cascade by advancing research and development within regenerative medicine.

Back up. What is regenerative medicine?

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